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Music Video Featuring Project Clients

We are so excited to announce the release today of Grammy Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Rhiannon Giddens' music video featuring PA Innocence Project clients!

"I wrote 'Another Wasted Life' after reading about the tragic suicide of Kalief Browder - another soul caught up in the incarceration system for a crime he didn't commit," says Rhiannon Giddens. "The whole for-profit prison industrial complex - an outgrowth of slavery - is a stain on the American story; the people and families caught up in it, and in the numerous gaping holes in the social safety net, need incredible amounts of support."

Watch now and learn more at PAinnocence.info.

This video launches on the 10th annual Wrongful Conviction Day, a day set aside by Innocence Network organizations to recognize and raise public awareness of the causes and tremendous costs of wrongful convictions for innocent people, their families, and our community. We thank our community of supporters for standing with us in support of the innocent.

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