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Eddie Ramirez's Conviction Vacated

Earlier today, Pennsylvania Innocence Project client Eddie Ramirez’s conviction was vacated.

Police arrested Eddie at 19 years old for the robbery and murder of a woman in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. His wrongful arrest occurred 18 months after the crime took place when a friend implicated them both in the murder.
After 27 years of his wrongful incarceration, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office recommended that Eddie’s conviction be vacated. Highlighted were the 12 pieces of suppressed evidence that likely would have changed the outcome of his trial if they had been disclosed and cited compelling DNA evidence pointing to another perpetrator. Dozens of supporters came to court to support Eddie as he took this step toward justice, just before his November 10 birthday.
The Project represents Eddie with our 2022 Maureen Rowley Award recipient Michael Wiseman of Wiseman & Schwartz and Andrew Childers of the Federal Community Defender Office.

Update: Eddie was released from prison on 11/30/2023. Read about his case

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