In our ten years of work, we have secured or helped to secure the exoneration of twenty men and women - Daniel Carnevale, Lance Felder, Lewis "Jim" Fogle, Eugene Gilyard, Kenneth Granger, Marshall Hale, Chester Hollman III, James Hugney, Sr., Lorenzo Johnson, Han Tak Lee, John Miller, Robert "Donald" Outlaw, Dontia Patterson, Larry "Trent" Roberts, Donte Rollins, Teri Smallwood, Andrew Swainson, Shaurn Thomas, Willie Veasy and Crystal Weimer. 

Daniel Carnevale

Lance Felder

Lewis "Jim" Fogle

Eugene Gilyard

Kenneth Granger

Marshall Hale

Chester Hollman III

James Hugney

Lorenzo Johnson

Han Tak Lee

John Miller

Robert "Donald" Outlaw

Dontia Patterson

Larry "Trent" Roberts

Donte Rollins

Letitia "Teri" Smallwood

Andrew Swainson

Shaurn Thomas

Willie Veasy

Crystal Weimer