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Larry Trent Roberts is Exonerated

Larry Trent Roberts is Exonerated It was, by all accounts, an incredible moment in the courtroom when a jury announced a "not guilty" verdict for Trent, who had been incarcerated for more than 13 years for a murder he did not commit.
Trent was convicted in 2007 for the 2005 murder of Duwan "Wubb" Sterns. In 2017, Dauphin County Judge Scott A. Evans vacated his sentence on grounds that evidence favorable to the defense had been withheld by the DA's office. That same DA's office elected to retry the case.

After Trent's exoneration, he approached and hugged members of Stern's family, offering them condolences. He is hopeful that the real killer will one day be caught.
A huge congratulations goes to Trent for his perseverance, and also to the team that helped bring Trent to freedom: our legal director Nilam Sanghvi, our pro-bono partners Thomas Schmidt (Pepper Hamilton LLP) and Tucker Hull (Law Office of Tucker R. Hull LLC), our investigator John Butler, our former staff attorney Charlotte Whitmore, and our former investigators Nick Kato and Shaina Taylor.. This case was one of the first that Nilam began working on when she was hired as a staff attorney in 2013.

In the video below you can see Trent greeting his legal team, friends and family after his release from prison.
Watch PennLive's footage of Trent taking his first steps as a free man

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