If you’re busy with school, work, or both, live far from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Harrisburg, or a stay at home dad and simply don’t have time to spare, there are still plenty of things you can do to advocate for the Project. Many of which you can do directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Check out the options listed below!

Get Involved on Social Media

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube for quick updates, articles about our cause, photos of our team, and informative videos featuring our staff, volunteers, and interns. On each of these platforms, you can follow, retweet, share, comment, post and use hashtags to raise awareness about wrongful convictions.

Use the hashtags #unlockingthetruth and #freeingtheinnocent whenever you post about our work. And don't forget to tag us!

Host a Community Event or Fundraiser

We would be delighted if you decided to host a community event or fundraiser to support the Pennsylvania Innocence Project. In the past the Project has worked with religious institutions, community groups, and schools to put together programs that increase awareness of the the tragedy of wrongful conviction and raise money for the Project's work.

To inquire about our capacity to assist with events like this, please contact us by e-mail at, or by phone at (215) 204-4255.

Build Relationships with your Elected Representatives

We engage in active legislation campaigns to make it easier for those convicted innocent to access the courts, to improve criminal justice systems, and to better exonerees’ transitions after release. You can help by tweeting, calling, or meeting with your local representatives to discuss your concerns about wrongful convictions. Simply introducing yourself and voicing your concerns about innocence-related policy issues, you can help establish useful relationships to help them see the value of supporting progressive legislation. 

Reach Out to the Media and Write for Local Papers to Spread Awareness

Host a letter writing party with friends!

When composing letters to the media, keep your message brief and focused. Most papers only consider pieces around 200 words. Please do not blame individuals or groups for misconduct, simply advocate for change to improve old or bad practices. You can also point readers to the Pennsylvania Innocence Project website for more information.

It’s best to email your piece in the body because attachments are generally ignored.
Your subject line should read: “Letter: your topic or article name.”
Include your address and daytime phone number for verification.
Many papers prefer on-line submissions, so visit different papers’ websites for more information.

Click here for a complete list of Pennsylvania newspapers.

After submitting your piece, send a professional follow up email within a week. If the letter is published, please let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or email! We’d love to feature your work.